Welcome to Hennessey Lifestyle!


Welcome to Hennessey Lifestyle!

Hennessey Lifestyle is ideally located on the A134 in Great Whelnetham between the two bustling Suffolk towns of Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury.

Comprising of a showroom of homewares and lifestyle goods, home furniture, garden furnishing and accessories, Hennessey Lifestyle is also home to The Coffee Lounge; a warm and welcoming place for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack. Serving locally roasted barista coffee, homemade foods and a variety of beverages. Perfect for a relaxing trip out with family and friends, or an ideal place for a business meeting.

Hennessey Lifestyle is also home to The Wine Cellar, showcasing a range of fine wines from around the world, as well as speciality spirits and liqueurs. An ideal place to pick up a bottle or two for home or as a gift, or even enjoy a few glasses in The Coffee Lounge.

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